The Schriever SFB Tech Expo aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and education by bringing together government and industry to address mission requirements and technology solutions. This event, open and free to all Schriever SFB personnel, offers a platform to explore cutting-edge technologies and engage with industry professionals..

Exhibiting companies are encouraged to provide live demos and hands-on training to benefit the attendees. Showcase your technology solutions to meet the ever-changing demands that their mission requires.


0830–0930 Senior Leadership Tour
Senior leaders and subject matter experts can efficiently preview exhibits and engage with exhibitors during this exclusive session. Each exhibitor will present their products and services in a one-minute pitch.
0930–1300 General Admission
Open to all personnel, this session allows attendees to explore exhibits and network with industry experts.


This event welcomes all organizations, units, and tenant commands to explore, assess, and learn about current and upcoming technologies. Throughout the day, government and industry can work together on mission needs, with industry partners presenting their newest mission-focused technologies.

The event is free for all post personnel and takes place directly on your installation. Additionally, senior leaders have the chance to join a guided tour of the Expo before it opens to the public. It’s an excellent opportunity to identify potential solutions and products worth exploring further, and to engage in collaboration with other colleagues.



  • Keep up to date on industry trends
  • Evaluate the latest emerging technologies related to your mission
  • Explore innovative solutions to current challenges


  • Engage with industry partners
  • Meet new solutions providers
  • Discover ways to integrate new technologies into current systems


  • Exchange information on future needs
  • Learn about enhancements to current products and services
  • Satisfy your industry outreach goals and objectives

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Marketing strategies have evolved over time, yet the importance of engaging with customers in person remains unchanged. Demonstrating your strengths and connecting with a specific community of interest is a highly effective and economical method for building and nurturing customer connections. Exhibiting companies are advised to offer live demonstrations and interactive training sessions to enhance the attendees’ experience.


Exhibit Registration Includes

  • Table, chairs, and electricity
  • Post event attendee list with opt-in contact information
  • Inclusion in the Senior Leadership Tour (where applicable)
  • Three company representatives at your table
  • Company listing on event website and printed exhibitor directory

Past Attendees

  • Space Delta 6: 21st Space Operations Squadron; 22nd Space Operations Squadron; 23rd Space Operations Squadron; 68th Cyberspace Squadron; 69th Cyberspace Squadron
  • Space Delta 7: 74 Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR) Squadron
  • Space Delta 8: 4th Space Operations Squadron; 8th Combat Training Squadron; 53rd Space Operations Squadron
  • Space Delta 9: 1st Space Operations Squadron; 3rd Space Operations Squadron; 9th Combat Training Squadron
  • STARCOM: 12th Delta Operations Squadron; 1st Test and Evaluation Squadron; 3rd Test and Evaluation Squadron; 4th Test and Evaluation Squadron; 17th Test and Evaluation Squadron
  • Joint Task Force-Space Defense: J8 Commercial Integration Office
  • PNT Delta – 2nd Space Operations Squadron
  • 310th Space Wing (AFRC)
  • 50th Mission Support Group
  • Air Force Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities (AF TENCAP) Directorate

Requested Technologies

Aeronautical Engineering; Agile Software Development; Airborne, Strategic, and Tactical C2 Systems; Amplifiers; Artificial Intelligence; Audio Visual; Avionics; Biomechanics; Cloud Computing; Cryptographic Products; Cyber Security; Data Mining; Electronic Discovery Software; Electronic Warfare Systems; Electro-Optics; Forensics; Geospatial Technology; Hybrid Technology Solutions; IED/Mine Detection; Infrared Equipment; Lasers; Manpack Satellite Terminals; Microelectronics; Night Vision Systems; Radio and SATCOM Equipment; Renewable Energy; RMF; Robotics; Satellite Payloads; Server Technologies; Simulators; Strategic C2 Systems; Tactical C2 Systems; Tactical Smartphones & Tablets; Tempest Products; Thermal Imaging; Training Resources; Unmanned Systems; Virtualization

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