This year’s event will be in held in person at NGA Campus East (NCE) as well as available virtually to attend. The first two days will be unclassified sessions which will be held in person as well as on WebEx Events. The last two days will be classified sessions and will be held in person as well as have a simultaneous IC Connect.

Registration is now closed. If you have a Blue or Green IC Badge, you can register on-site. For any registration questions please contact Cloe Dixon at

Government/Active Military/SETA/Contractor Support – Current Government/Military ID required or GPOC authorization. Must be on a current NGA and/or NSG Contract
No Charge

ASG Foreign Partner
No Charge

Industry Contractor and Academia

Exhibiting Company Additional Attendee

Contractors that are under contract by NGA or another agency must have a government POC contracting officer acknowledge approval for attendance for the conference.  This information can be in the form of an email from a government POC to the conference POCS [](JWICS) or [](Unclassified) as part of the registration process.  Contractors that are not under contract by the government may request to brief a topic during the conference.  If approved, the contractor can only be at the conference during their briefing.

*The registration fee will cover the cost of attending the sessions, access to the exhibit hall, conference materials, and professional event planning services. All credit card payments will be processed beginning Monday, August 2